You have Instagram Facebook IMDB and Actors access among others WHY DO YOU NEED A WEBSITE?

1.A Website is Unique

Look at the people above, are they all the same? Then why would the same type of site work for each person? While Facebook, Instagram IMDB, and Actors Access certainly have their place and are necessary for your career nothing can show your personality like a website. you choose the fonts, the colors & the design it shows who you are

2. A website brings Prestige

There is still something special about having a .com

3. A website can serve as your hub

Your website can serve as a hub for all of your other sites Today you may have 10 or more social media & portfolio profiles with all different links and nothing can bring them together like a website.

4. A Website sets you apart

When someone lands on your website there is no search bar beckoning them to look at the next face they will spend all of their time learning why they should book you for your next job

5. You can call your website your own

You have probably heard on the news that Instagram is going to be hiding public likes I’m not going to argue whether this is a good or bad decision I’m just going to state that it is a decision that they are making that will affect their users and the way their users interact with their service and could potentially disrupt the way that people use the site and the users of Instagram never got a say.

You’ve seen it before and you’ll see it again every couple of years facebook to the frustration of its users introduces a radical redesign and even the new actor’s headshot IMDb is not blameless in forcing changes on their users Since being bought by Amazon IMDb can turn your page (that in some cases you pay for) into a billboard for their latest original series (that you have nothing to do with)

Having all these sites is crucial to being in the entertainment industry but there is nothing like having your own space on the web to call your own.


If you want your own website what are you waiting for? Get Started Today!