Helpie FAQ


  • How does this work?
    1. We talk about your vision and we work together to find the best way to execute it. 
    2. After we talk I begin building your site on my staging environment
    3. We Work through drafts for your basic design
    4. You approve a basic design 
    5. You gather materials (photos, videos and copy)  and upload them to our exclusive design portal
    6. I take your content and create your pages and galleries. 
    7. I add any custom software needed to make any special functionality work
    8. You approve final design 
    9. After final payment your site is moved onto your domain and pushed live
  • How long does a typical project take to complete?

    If all materials are ready to go a project can usually be launched within 3 weeks of being started.

  • What are the Fees?

     The fees involved are 

    1. Site Build Fee- is the cost of actually building your site. It’s based on the scope of your project 50% is invoiced at the beginning of the project and the remainder is invoiced before your site is pushed live 
    2. Hosting Fees – are the costs associated with hosting your site on our servers Hosting is 7.00 per month or 86.00 per year and includes monitoring and daily off site secure backup 
    3. Domain Fees – these are on your own I recommend Google Domains Google is 12.00 per year and includes domain privacy 
    4. Other Fees – Sometimes some specific functionality will have an added cost if the cost is a 1 time fee it will be included in your Build Fee if the cost is recurring (usually yearly) I will instruct you how to setup the subscription for that specific software for that functionality
  • Is E-mail included?

    An email forwarding address is included in the site package this can forward [email protected] to your existing email address if you need more advanced email features you can add on Google Workspace starting at 6.00 per month with 20% off your first year

  • There are so many DIY website creators out there, why shouldn’t I just use those?

    It can be really tempting to use one of those services that you heard advertised on a podcast or online video so why not?


    1. The sites created on these services “lock you in” you could spend months perfecting that site and a year or 2 down the road they raise their prices you have a choice pay up or loose potentially years of work,  My sites are built on open technology that can be installed on thousands of web hosts that support some basic core technologies pay a small fee for your site to be disconnected from my system and you can take it wherever you want.
    2. You’re locked into the feature set they offer if you need a special functionality, sorry if they don’t offer it you can’t do it. The platform we build on because it is open has thousands of pieces of software that can run on your site, brining virtually any feature you can imagine to your site
    3. You are effectively on your own, building an effective web presence is an art and a science to give your visitors the best possible experience They do have tech support that can help you with the “how” but not always the “why” sometimes not implementing a feature on a site is the best way to go and while decisions on your site are ultimately up to you,  we offer a creative partner a voice to help guide you in these decisions
  • Can I edit my site content myself?

    Yes! The page builder we offer has over 60 built in modules to create your content

  • Do I need Special Software?

    Besides (optional) software to edit photo & video content for your site everything you need to edit your content can be accessed via the browser and edited on a desktop, laptop or even a Chromebook

  • Can you build my site and can I just host it myself?

    Yes you can but we won’t release your site files to you until your site is 100% paid off there is also a 50.00 if we setup your site on your hosting and with hosting yourself you forgo our daily backups and software updates