It can be really tempting to use one of those services that you heard advertised on a podcast or online video so why not?


  1. The sites created on these services “lock you in” you could spend months perfecting that site and a year or 2 down the road they raise their prices you have a choice pay up or loose potentially years of work,  My sites are built on open technology that can be installed on thousands of web hosts that support some basic core technologies pay a small fee for your site to be disconnected from my system and you can take it wherever you want.
  2. You’re locked into the feature set they offer if you need a special functionality, sorry if they don’t offer it you can’t do it. The platform we build on because it is open has thousands of pieces of software that can run on your site, brining virtually any feature you can imagine to your site
  3. You are effectively on your own, building an effective web presence is an art and a science to give your visitors the best possible experience They do have tech support that can help you with the “how” but not always the “why” sometimes not implementing a feature on a site is the best way to go and while decisions on your site are ultimately up to you,  we offer a creative partner a voice to help guide you in these decisions